Revitalizing Healthcare

Jeev connects Doctors with patients directly, ensuring patient access to care, and eliminating the need for third party insurance providers, hospital networks, and government interference. In addition, our network provides innovative cost sharing health plans, direct Doctor coverage plans, and lowers the overall cost for deductible health plans.

Learn how we are leveraging blockchain technology and AI to lower the cost of healthcare.

Patient Care

Immediate Access: Get immediate access to a Doctor, book physical exams, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, drug and non drug treatments via our online pharmacy and physician networks without third party involvement, and low wait times.

Patient Education: Share and learn experiences of other patients and doctors, and receive current up-to-date information on health history, illness developments, and latest developments in treatments.

Patient Support: Patients will be able to consult physicians on a world wide directory and provide them with access to their online medical records if they choose this option.

International Access: Get direct access to international Doctors that were previously restricted to do International laws restricting Physicians

Patient freedom & control: Have the freedom to select which Doctor they want, which tests you want, and be in full control of healthcare costs by having upfront costs prior to treatments and procedures.


Physician Benefits

Immediate Patient Access: Help patients directly without traditional third party interference which allows quicker treatment and overall patient care efficiency without the bureaucracy and wait times.

Expand your reach worldwide: Share your expertise on a worldwide database without border restrictions helping patients in both developed countries and third world countries.

Take control of care you provide: Do not rely at the mercy of third party issuers, insurance providers, hospitals, and so forth. Participate in a fair equity based system by taking full control of the patients you treat, during preferred times that accommodate your schedule, and receive a fair price for treatments and procedures without the majority of the funds being allocated to the third parties insurances.

International Peer support: Access to an international directory of other Doctors and share know-how on the latest treatments amongst each other.


Jeev Coin

Jeev is leveraging blockchain technology to track and reduce the cost of healthcare and AI to further optimize healthcare choices. We have established a utility cryptocurrency for healthcare, Jeev Coin that uses block chain technology to credential and rate physicians and health care providers.

Jeev Coin also acts as a blockchain verified electronic health record system. Jeev Coin serves as the effective currency of the network allowing rapid recordable, traceable transactions to occur on the network. Healthcare requirements and objectives are tracked by the coin using proof of work.


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